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[25 Dec 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Merry Christmas! ^O^

yay! bo got alot of presents! ren-chan got a headache so she wont take photos. she is sleeping when her hair is still wet. bo likes to sleep after bathing also, but bo no hair so never mind =D

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Bloody Sunday. [07 Dec 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Went to Domuya on Sunday. It wouldn't have been such an awful trip if lauren hadn't brought along some weirdo friend of hers that insisted on making me look cute by leaving Bo's bunny in my laps and making me fondle it. Urgh.

I won't even start on how that cruel maniac of a lauren didn't even bother to extricate this friend of hers off me.

I guess the worst like to flock together.

-- Kae.

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Alright. I'm blogging because I'm bored. [01 Dec 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Ren gave me a lip and ear-pierce last night. As much as I'm enjoying my new look, I can't help but feel alittle irked by the fact that now she and I have something in common. =_=; I was expecting her to take a few billion pictures, but to my surprise, all she took was one picture "to show first", and she returned to her knitting. "Busy. Sorry." was all she said. Not that I'd have wanted her to take many pictures.....

Here's the pic:

This morning, she woke up, checked her mail, and promptly screamed so shrill and loud that she woke her cat and her sister up, and sent her other sister and maid running towards her. Don't ask me what got into her, 'cause I have no idea, but I'd really appreciate it if she showed some consideration to the other inhabitants. Bo yelped, Ne and Yuu jumped, and I almost choked on my coke. Gees.

I guess I'll stop here now. Ren is leaving for drum class and she wants to switch her PC off.


-- Kae.
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no subject! [30 Nov 2004|02:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today mr bunny fell alllll the way off renchans bed!!!!!!!

renchan helped him back up! he should be more careful!

but he is okay now cos mr bunny has no bones to break =D

i am going to play now but ren is taking photos of eniisan so i'm lonely =(

never mind! mr bunny needs to recover so i will play by myself!

bye bye! =D

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First entry? [29 Nov 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Testing testing... ^_^

I knew that lauren talked about giving us a blog, but I didn't think she really meant it! ^__^;; Ne looks pretty in the icon =)

Haha~ Apparently Bo got to type up the profile page while I was away xD;; I guess I'll leave it that way then since Kae doesn't care and Ne.. well.. she doesn't care either. o_O; Ren thinks it's funny xD;

I wonder if she's okay though? I was sitting with her today and she was alternating between eating dried mango slices with a pair of chopsticks as if she were eating Japanese pickles and knitting, mumbling, "Just another two rows lauren. Just another twoooo f*cking f*cking rooooowsss!!!!" ....after every two rows. o_o; She was never good at handling pressure. I think this is taking a toll on her. I was by her at least 30 minutes before she noticed I was around. o_O;;;

I heard that we're expecting a new family member soon. Haven't seen any pictures of him yet though. I hope he comes soon so maybe Ren can have something else to focus her attention to..

Okay, I'll go check up on ren now. She's lying in bed and knitting in a very weird and worrying posture.....

-- Kiryuu

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